Scope of business and overview

As a valve engineering group focused mainly on products in the high-temperature and high-pressure range, the TVE Group provides a comprehensive range of valve services to meet the needs of all customers. From design and manufacturing to maintenance, we provide timely service throughout the service life of a variety of valves. Our products are installed in critical applications to support the safe and stable operation of a variety of industrial plants in Japan and around the world, such as thermal power plants and nuclear power plants. We remain committed to our work as a corporate group that contributes to society through our management operations related to removal of radionuclides. This commitment is evidenced by our involvement in the reconstruction of the Fukushima region, which was damaged in the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011.


Innovating, protecting & anticipating
Providing far-reaching solutions as a comprehensive valve manufacturer

To meet customer needs with precision. To gain trust over the long term.
At TVE, we operate a comprehensive business encompassing a range of products
and services from valve development to maintenance.
We demonstrate our technological expertise in each area of specialization
as we provide wide-ranging services and technologies to meet customer needs.

  • Receiving Orders

    We listen carefully to customer requests and improve customer satisfaction in an optimal way by meeting their needs in great detail.

  • Planning Control

    Every department shares information through a centralized system that integrates data and manages the optimal production plan with a cooperative approach.

  • Development

    In cooperation with all departments, we develop innovative products and support evaluation diagnosis during maintenance and inspection.

    Research & Development

  • Design

    We examine specifications and manufacturing technologies. We also support optimal manufacturing and maintenance technologies while exchanging information with the various departments.

Collaboration with KITZ Corporation

In February 2016, we concluded a business alliance agreement with KITZ Corporation through which both companies realize synergies by working together to make good use of their principal technologies and fields of product specialization. The two companies are now benefitting from these synergies across a wide range of areas including procurement, technology, production, sales, service, and especially the field of high-pressure valves. Collaborations between the two companies have already resulted in record domestic and international sales to electric power plants and oil refineries. The two companies remain committed to a cooperating further in a many fields of endeavor in an effort to increase orders.

  • Operations outside Japan

    We intend to strengthen our sales of high-pressure valves by linking KITZ Corporation’s extensive international network (encompassing sales, production, and procurement) with our own extensive network of customers in East Asia and Southeast Asia. The valves sold in these markets will be serviced by our Singapore subsidiary, and we aim to expand the valve business of both companies by offering Valve Life Cycle Management, which comprises everything from development and implementation to maintenance and management.

  • Domestic Business

    Building on KITZ Corporation’s record of sales to a wide range of industrial plants, we have begun to use our combined network to market our products to the electric power industry and other sectors dealing with high-temperature and high-voltage environments. In addition, by linking the service networks of both our companies, we are able to provide our customers with prompt service.

Benefits of alliance

Our collaboration with KITZ Corporation continues to bear fruit.
In terms of sales, we were among the first to win several joint orders. These included biomass power generation plants in Japan and petrochemical plants and coal gasification combined-cycle power generation demonstration test plants outside Japan.
Moreover, we are strengthening our collaboration in terms of both technology and production and are preparing to launch new products.
Looking to the field of maintenance, we are collaborating with KITZ Engineering Service Co., Ltd., to take advantage of our mutual strengths as we begin to offer innovative services that are growing at an unprecedented rate.

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