Providing the Services Our Customers Demand

We have a track record of developing many proprietary technologies.
As a result, we can return your equipment to full functionality and performance without delay.

Since delivering nuclear valves to Unit 1 of the Tsuruga Nuclear Power Station of the Japan Atomic Power Company in 1968, we have been providing nuclear valves to nuclear power plants nationwide.

As a manufacturer of high-temperature and high-pressure valves that ensure that large amounts of electricity can be delivered safely and dependably, we provide maintenance services involving construction and installation while supporting the functioning and maintenance of the facility. We also provide technical consultancy services.

Safety and High Technology

In addition to providing maintenance for thermal and nuclear power plants and petrochemical plants, we offer maintenance services for nuclear power plants, which require elevated levels of safety as well as advanced technologies.
We have conducted independent research leading to the development of specialized construction technologies, diagnostic equipment, machinery, and tools. Moreover, our maintenance system ensures a swift and detailed response.

For nuclear power generation (PWR)
Moisture separation relief valves

For nuclear power plants (BWR)
Cross-around pipe safety valves

Collaboration between Departments

Valves for nuclear power generation are manufactured according to extremely stringent standards and specifications. What’s more, advanced technologies are necessary for any modification work and maintenance that is required after delivery to the power plant. In order to ensure the performance of every valve is properly maintained under various operating conditions, we combine the technical capabilities of all our departments and take on maintenance work and all modifications required.


In preparation for any emergencies that may arise in Japan, we maintain a presence at nuclear power stations in various parts of the country operated by nine electric power companies. We have also established construction methods that make it possible to carry out conventional factory maintenance work wherever possible by making full use of our unique maintenance equipment and construction methods. Because we have the design technology and manufacturing technology for nuclear power generation, where high reliability is required, we have earned high praise for our technologies and expertise as a result. In addition to contracting radiation management work and development research, we actively offer technical proposals on operational safety.

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