Fully dedicated to contributing to the progress of society
as a company trusted by the public,
we formulated our Medium-term Management Plan 2019
as a roadmap to implementing our vision.

We are committed to bringing our future vision to life in the years
beyond the commemoration of our Company’s centennial in 2022.


  • Management Philosophy

    Having earned the trust of the public, we are dedicated to contributing to the progress of society, creating a healthy and vibrant workplace built on integrity and harmony. We constantly strive to improve our business as we continue to develop innovative technologies.
  • Future Vision

    To become the Global Niche Top by providing high-quality valves and equipment maintenance services that contribute to safe and stable operation of the world’s energy infrastructure
  • Medium-term
    Management Plan 2019

    Our objective is to remain the most valued valve maker by building on our technical expertise and product quality. Toward this end, we seek to combine,
    Power of Human Resources, Power of Innovation, Power of Solutions.
  • Action Guidelines
    for Our Medium-term
    Management Plan

    New Changes
    New Challenges
    New Opportunities
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