Looking toward the next 100 years

Becoming a company that connects dreams, hearts,
and technology while looking toward the next 100 years

On March 10, 2022, TVE marked the 100th anniversary of its establishment. We would like to express our deepest appreciation for the support and kindness we have received from you all over the past 100 years.

Since our company’s establishment in 1922, we have opened up vast new possibilities for general valve engineering. At that time so long ago, we began our businesses with valves for ships and then expanded to petrochemical plants as well as power generation plants including thermal and nuclear power. Based on our outstanding cast steel technology, we have moved forward to reliably deliver even higher quality valve products and advanced maintenance technology to our customers.
With consideration for this background, our first duty is to contribute to the stable operation of electric power, and so our primary tasks will remain unchanged: to provide a reliable supply of essential valve products to sustain nuclear power and other elements of energy infrastructure, and to manage their maintenance.

Also, in accordance with the changes that have occurred in the environments and conditions surrounding nuclear power plants since the Fukushima nuclear disaster, we believe that it is critical for us to give our support in areas related to decommissioned nuclear reactors as well. As we firmly adhere to our missions as a valve manufacturer, namely “Becoming the ‘Global Niche Top’ as a contributor to the safe and dependable operation of the world’s energy infrastructure through our high-quality valves and equipment maintenance!” and “Becoming the most important valve manufacturer to customers with our technical ability and high quality!,” we are taking a new viewpoint toward the next 100 years with the slogan “A time for TVE’s second establishment.” We will undertake new challenges in anticipation of technical progress and the changes of the times as “a company that connects dreams, hearts, and technology” and will assist in the advancement of society as a highly trusted corporation.

We therefore sincerely ask for your continued understanding and support from here on into the future.

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