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This product group is focused on valves for high-temperature
and high-pressure applications that support the energy infrastructure.

Taking pride in our role as a leading manufacturer of high-temperature & high-pressure valves

In the past, we specialized in providing valves for marine vessels, including the famed battleship Yamato. After the Pacific War, we sold many valves to the various industrial plants that would become the pillars of Japan’s reconstruction, including nuclear power plants, thermal power plants, and petrochemical complexes. Over the years and in the face of sweeping change, we continued to develop our valve business. Our product line has evolved to become a supply system for custom-made valves including general-purpose valves (such as globe valves, needle valves, gate valves, and check valves) as well as safety valves and relief valves with a focus on high-temperature and high-pressure applications. Among all the manufacturers of high-temperature and high-pressure valves in Japan, we have earned particularly high praise for the valves we supply to power plants and other industrial plants both inside and outside Japan. Our cast parts are manufactured at our Iga Plant in the city of Iga in Mie Prefecture, while our Head Office Plant in Amagasaki, Hyogo Prefecture undertakes the processing, assembly, inspection, and shipping of products. We take great pride in our track record both in Japan and around the world, and have a great deal of confidence in our manufacturing expertise.

Valve Type Valve Classication For Nuclear Power Plants For Thermal Power Plants/General Industries Nominal Diameter(mm) Applicable Pressure
Main Applications
Globe valve Globe valve Feedwater pump stop valve Suitable for various purposes 15–600 150 Lb –
4500 Lb
Y-valve High-pressure heater outlet check valve Suitable for low-pressure-loss applications
Angle valve Blowdown valve Drain valve
Needle valve Needle valve for high differential pressures Feedwater pump stop valve Main steam pipe drain valve 15–200
Angle needle valve Continuous blow valve
Gate valve Wedge gate valve Fuel transfer pipe gate valve Main steam stop valve 15–800
Parallel slide valve
Check valve Lift check valve Drain sampling check valve Mainly applicable to smaller diameters 15–750
Swing check valve Safety injection system check valve Feedwater pump bypass check valve
Tilting check valve Feedwater pump outlet check valve
Screw-down stop check valve High-pressure water heater water supply outlet valve Boiler water circulation pump outlet valve
Swing check valve with cylinder Main steam isolation valve Bleed check valve
Swing check valve with counterweight Main steam check valve Mainly for shock-absorbing applications
Safety valve Open safety valve Main steam safety valve Drum safety valve Safety valve for marine vessels 40–200 0.1 MPa –
46.2 MPa
Sealed safety valve Pressurizer safety valve High-pressure gas tank safety valve 100・150
Sealed relief valve Residual heat removal pump inlet relief valve High-pressure water heater relief valve 20–200

Carbon steel, low-alloy steel, 9Cr steel, stainless steel (JIS, ASME and ASTM etc.)

Globe valve

Needle valve for high differential pressures

Wedge gate valve

Swing check valve

Tilting check valve

Swing check valve with cylinder

Open safety valve

Safety valve for marine vessels

Sealed relief valve

Special valves Nominal diameter appears in parentheses.

Isolation device
(1,000 mm minimum)

Orifice block
(400–650 mm)

Through conduit valve
(750–900 mm)

Electromagnetic relief valve (PCV)
(50・65 mm)

Moisture separator & reheater safety valve

Vacuum relief valve
(300・500 mm)

Unique world-leading technology for specialized
and large-scale steel castings

Cast steel products represent TVE’s flagship business segment.

The Iga Plant in Mie Prefecture, one of Japan’s leading large-scale casting facilities, manufactures not only our castings but also various specialized and large-scale cast steel products. It provides cast steel products of uniform quality using materials — such as 9Cr steel and ultra-low C stainless steel — that require advanced production technologies. As a result, this plant boasts advanced manufacturing technologies and world-leading equipment.

VA・VE Solutions

As a professional in steel casting technology, we propose needed solutions right from the design stage.

Property Matrix of Applicable Steel Grades

The steel type that is actually used depends on the customer’s application. We have the capability to manufacture cast steel products to accommodate various requirements such as high pressure and high or low temperature.

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