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Services offered by TGA

Valve sales

TGA obviously supplies high-temperature, high-pressure valves of the TVE brand, but it also has access to valves of other manufacture through a vast procurement network it has developed. For more information, ask TGA.


TGA offers customers a number of valve servicing options between on-site maintenance, pickup and servicing at the company’s service shop and oversight engineering. Whichever option you choose, TGA will assign service techs specialized in the kind of valve maintenance required to get the job done.


TGA is a SINGLAS-certified service shop and can conduct a wide range of tests including actuation tests for safety valve, leak tests for butterfly valves, pressure resistance tests and more.

Oversight engineering

TGA can dispatch engineers to the customer’s site to provide technical guidance, valve maintenance, engineering supervision, etc. These services are available to customers not only in Singapore but neighboring countries as well.


TGA has the valve to do the job you need.

Access to a wide range of valves through a vast procurement network

From general-purpose valves to safety valves, TGA provides them all thanks to a meticulously developed procurement network that gives it access to valves of diverse manufacture, in addition to TVE brand products. Moreover, TGA works closely with suppliers. If anything goes wrong with your valve, the first one you should talk to is TGA.

Valves available through TGA
• General-purpose valves (Globe valve, gate valves, check valves, butterfly valves, etc.)
• Safety valves, relief valves

Gaskets, gland packings and other parts and accessories are available for some valves. For more information, contact TGA.

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Emergency repairs

Stellite hardfacing

If you discover cracks in the body or seat of your valve, contact TGA. Cracks are repaired by Stellite hardfacing. After repairs are made, sealing is confirmed internally and externally.

Parts and accessories

TGA delivers gaskets, packings, O-rings and other parts and accessories in the shortest time possible. Even if you do not know the size you need, TGA will find that out and procure the parts you need.

Flange cleaning

TGA will pick up your valve and bring it back to its service shop to clean flange surfaces. Once in the service shop, TGA can also perform other maintenance and replace worn gaskets and other parts.

Over 40,000 valves delivered to over 40 countries around the world

  • TVE has delivered over 40,000 high-temperature, high-pressure valves to customers in over 40 countries around the world.
  • Servicing high-temperature, high-pressure valves requires a considerable level of engineering skill. TGA offers that to customers in Singapore and neighboring countries.
  • TGA is particularly known and trusted for servicing valves used at power plants, petrochemical refineries, and onboard LNG carriers, and it can service not only TVE brand valves but also valves of other manufacture.
  • TGA works closely with TVE in Japan to ensure Japanese quality in its products and services.
  • TGA has a vast procurement network that gives it the breadth and depth to make wide-ranging proposals.

Work examples

  • 【On-site valve maintenance】
    TGA has provided maintenance service on numerous valves used at power plants, petrochemical refineries, and onboard LNG carriers. Separate teams of specialists are assigned to handle safety valves and general/control valves.
    Maintenance being performed on safety valves

  • 【Valve maintenance onboard ship】
    When this gear-operated valve attached to a tank onboard an LNG carrier malfunctioned, TGA went aboard to recondition it.
    Maintenance being performed on a gear-operated valve (of other manufacture)


  • We are interested in purchasing some valves. What should we do?
    Contact TGA. We will confirm your specifications and make a few proposals to you.
  • We are just looking for estimates at this point. Is that OK?
    Of course. We would first like to talk with you directly to confirm what you are looking for. Please contact TGA.
  • We need some valves serviced outside of Singapore. Can you do that?
    Yes, we can. We provide servicing and maintenance outside of Singapore on as little as a single valve. Moreover, we can dispatch a specialized service tech to your location.
  • Do you sell and service valves made by other manufacturers than TVE?
    Yes, we supply and service valves of various manufacture. For more information, contact TGA.

Company profile

Company Name
TVE Global Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.
12J Enterprise Road Singapore 627689
Contents of Business
Supply Valves, Spare parts, Gasket & Gland Packing etc.
Valve Maintenance
Delegate Supervisor on site
Repair for damaged parts
Spare parts and damaged parts etc.
Seat Lekage test, Popping Test etc.
+65 6355-0027
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