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For Maintenance

For Electrical Motor Operated Valve Automatic Diagnosis Equipment
TOA Actuator Characterizing System (TACS)

TOA Actuator Characterizing System

TACS is a doctor for motor operated valves developed by TOA.
Various data of the electrical motor operated valve such as valve information, and motor operator information have been input in the computer and after analyzed by scientific procedures, more than 23 items are diagnosed, automatically judged of fault mode of valve and actuator and displayed, and the improvement is recommended, and deterioration, and trouble phenomena are predicted.

Mobile Flange Facing Machine for Repair at Site
(New Repair Method)

Mobile Flange Facing Machine for Repair at Site

Due to corrosion or damage of flange face and gasket face of valve or device, eakage may be expected during the operation.
This portable facer is useful for the repair works at site.