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How to Order

When ordering, in order to avoid misunderstanding and to select suitable valves you require, please give the following particulars

Gate, Globe and Check Valve

  • TOA type No., or type of valve, size, working pressure, differential pressure and temperature,and fluid.
    ( Material specification if specifically required )
  • Quantity
  • End connections ( Flanged ends, Butt welded ends, Socket welded ends etc. )
  • Connecting Pipe size
  • Tag No. and application of valve
  • Orientation of valve installation ( Horizontal, Vertical, etc. )

Safety and Safety Relief Valve

  • TOA type No. ( Material specification if specifically required )
  • Size
  • Quantity
  • Dimension of end connections
  • Tag No.
  • Fluid ( Molecular weight and specific gravity )
  • Blow-off pressure and normal working pressure
  • Normal working temperature
  • Back pressure
  • Required capacity
  • Accessories
  • Applied Codes and Regulations

Spare Parts for Valve

The following items for ordering valve parts are necessary.

  • Name fo Plant and Unit No.
  • Tag No./ Valve No.
  • Name of Parts
  • Part No.
  • Previous TOA Order ( Job ) No.
  • Previous TOA Serial No. ( Safery Valve & Electric Motor Actuator )
  • Previous TOA Approval Drawing NO.

In case that approval documents ( Assembly Drawing & Specifications, etc. ) are not retained, please inform us of TOA's order ( Job ) No. which is marked on the main parts such as body, bonnet, disc and name plate ( Safety Valve, Actuator ), etc..(E.G. : F940001-001)