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List of Main Products

Products Information

Valve Types

Stop valves Globe valve
Angle valve
Y-globe valve ( Straight Way )
Gate valves Wedge gate valve
Parallel slide valve
Check valves
( Non-Return )
Swing check valve
Tilting disc check valve
Lift check valve
Screw-down stop check valve
  • Glove type
  • Angle type
  • Y-pattern
    ( Straight Way )
  • Elbow down type
    ( Boiler circulation pump outlet valve for CE Boilers )
Safety valve Electrically-Assisted safety valve, Safety Relief valve
Regulation Needle valve Regulation Needle valve
Directional Control valve 3-way valve, Oil cooler transfer valve
Remarks : The other valves not stated above can be also manufactured depending upon the requirements.

Material ( for pressure-retaining parts such as body & bonnet )

For high-temperature service A216 WC B
A217 WC1, WC6, WC9, C5 & C12A
A351 CF8 & CF 8M
A182 F11 F22, F5a F304, F316 & F91
For low temperature-service A352 LC B, LC 1 & LC 3
A351 CF 8 & CF 8M
A182 F 304 & F 316
A350 LF 1, LF 3

Production Range

Class Size
Wedge gate & swing check valve 150-900 1/2-40 inch (15-1000mm)
1500-4500 1/2 inch and larger
Globe Y-pattern & angle stop valve
( screw down stop check, lift check )
150-900 1/2-24 inch (15-600mm)
1500-4500 1/2 inch and larger
Safety valve & Relier valve 150-900 1/2-8 inch (15-200mm)
1500-2500 1/2-6 inch (15-150mm)
3500-4500 1/2-3 inch (15-75mm)


Valve materials used are in accordance with the above ASTM material and / or JIS material.
Other materials not stated above are also available depending upon the requirements.


For Thermal Power Stations

  • Feed water pump inlet valve, outlet valve, by-pass valve and outlet check valve
  • High-pressure feed water heater inlet valve, outlet valve and by-pass valve
  • Economizer inlet valve
  • Boiler circulation pump inlet valve, outlet valve, by-pass valve and recircuration valve
  • Primary super-heater outlet stop valve
  • Main steam stop valve
  • Extraction steam check valve
  • Valves for Deaerator
  • Control valves : Regulation Needle valve

For Nuclear Power Stations

  • Pressurized Water Reactor : PWR & APWR
  • Boiling Water Reactor : BWR & ABWR
  • Advanced Thermal Reactor : ATR
  • Fast Breeder Reactor : FBR
  • High Temperature Gas Reactor : HTGR
Main steam safety valve, pressurizer safety valve, moisture separator relief valve, vacuum relief valve, main steam isolation valve and main steam stop valve etc.

For Shipyards

  • Boiler-mounting valve
  • Machinery valve

For Chemical Plants

  • Cryogenic valves for liquefied natural gas
  • Cryogenic valves for liquefied petroleum gas
  • Valves for high polyethylene plants
  • Valves for ammonia plants
  • Valves for ethylene plants
  • Valves for desulfurizaiton plants